Friday, February 8, 2013

[ads] : NSM5 ( nano station mimo 5 ) Murah Meriah

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Judul Iklan*: NSM5 ( nano station mimo 5 ) Murah Meriah

Kategori Iklan*: aksespoint, wireless, Antenna

Isi Iklan*: Ubiquiti NanoStation M5 Rp.900.000
5GHz Hi Power 2x2 MIMO AirMax TDMA Station

Performance Breakthrough
150+ Mbps real outdoor throughput and up to 15km+ range. Featuring 2x2 MIMO
technology, the new NanoStation links significantly faster and farther than
ever before.

New Leading-Edge Industrial Design
The original NanoStation set the bar for the world's first low-cost and
efficiently designed outdoor broadband CPE. The new NanoStation M and
NanoStation Loco M take the same concept to the future with new redesigned
sleek and elegant form-factors.

Next-Gen Antenna Design
New antenna array designs featuring 16dBi dual-polarity gain at 5GHz and
11dBi dual-polarity 11dBi at 2.4GHz. Both with optimized cross-polarity
isolation and in a compact form-factor.

Dual Ethernet Connectivity
The New NanoStation M provides a secondary ethernet port with software
enabled POE output for seamless IP Video integration.

Version 5 of Ubiquiti's AirOS builds upon the market leading intuitive
user-interface loaded with advanced wireless configurations and routing


YM save_id31
SMS 085883555100
PH 021 62318626


Nama Pengirim*: Widioko

No HP/Telp.: 085883555100

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